Freelance graphic designer. I create custom logos, design brand identity, business cards, posters and other printed materials.


Smíchov secondary technical school

Redesign of the logo and visual style

Cool Couple

Creating a visual identity for a streetwear brand

Roll’s Cake Ice Cream

Logo and visual identity for rolled ice cream

Tree Medic

Logo for tree care foundation


Logo redesign for publisher house

Lovosicka restaurant

Logo design for Lovosice restaurant

About me

My name is Marek Gabik. I always enjoyed creating new things and coming up with interesting and fresh ideas. During my studies at Smichov High School, I became interested in graphic design. How to create quality logos, business cards, posters and other printed materials. Later I realized that a well functioning company needs quality branding, which also includes other graphic elements and reflects the values ​​of the company with which their customer identifies. After high school my next trip was clear, I wanted to broaden my horizons and therefore I started to study at the College of Creative Communication, which deepened my knowledge.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to work on interesting projects that helped me gain valuable experience. Now I teach graphics at Smichov High School and I create a tailor-made design for my clients. In my free time I still educate myself, both in graphic design and marketing. I focus mainly on creating logos and visual style of the whole brand.


Each project requires an individual approach and care, therefore only indicative prices are given. After sending the message I will contact you and determine its scope. Then I will be able to fix a fixed price.


I will create a unique logo that will be the face of your brand. It will reflect its values and easy to remember.

from 250 

Visual identity

I will design everything from logos to business cards and logo manual. Price depends on the scope of work.

from 350 


You need to design a catalog, business card, poster or nice looking roll up.

from 30 

Hour rate


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